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At Sharjah Ambassador School the parents and teachers share a learning partnership which continues from kindergaren  into the Primary School and onwards. Students are actively encouraged to explore their learning environment and are surrounded by examples of positive relationships. Learning inside and out utilises a range of resources and encourages active speaking and listening skills. At Sharjah Ambassador School, we intend to inculcate early independence, problem solving and thus confidently set the foundations for learning.

Teaching and Learning are actions necessary to accomplish a goal in Education. In today’s world    teacher’s   role has become more complex but has given the learner the responsibility to learn.

The learning is Exploratory and Inquiry-based. Sensory and Tact­ile play-way learning is integrated with Themat­ic and Integrated learning methodologies. Hands-on, experient­ial learning strategies are employed to cater to the insatiable curiosity within every student. Students are prepared for the future with a strong ICT programme and Tablet-based learning.

The Sharjah Ambassador School builds on the skills-based learning approach initiated within our Foundation Stage programme. The imaginative, differentiated, diverse and creative curriculum we teach is very carefully planned to meet the needs of our children. Outstanding teaching and learning opportunities are grounded within the lesson planning and we also have an innovative and creative curriculum reflecting best practices from all over the world.

Teachers plan their students’ personal learning targets and work towards achieving them throughout the year and by providing special support for students in need.  Assessment is both formative and summative, allowing teachers to build up a picture of the 'whole child', as is the vision of the CBSE. Throughout all phases of education within the Primary School we value academic rigour entwined with opportunities to enable children to achieve their full potential in a wide range of creative and expressive subjects such as: English, Arabic, Hindi/French, Mathematics, Science, Social and Environmental Science, Computers, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts  (Music/Dance/Instrumental), Islamic Studies/Ethics/Life Skills.

At Ambassador situations are created to enhance the learning of children by showing, telling, giving instructions. At the same time knowledge is imparted and skills are mastered for various subject matters. 7 Principles are followed for effective teaching learning process.

  • Encourage student – Faculty Contact
  • Encourage Cooperation among students
  • Encourage active learning
  • Prompt feedback
  • Emphasizing time and task.
  • Communication of high expectations
  • Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.




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