Assessment & Evaluation


Assessments are informal and are made through recording of the student progress on a daily basis. A portfolio for each student is prepared which has a cumulative record of growth and development of skills in the student over a period of time. The reports are shared with parents at regular intervals and student targets are shared in order to support learning at home. The reports highlight general and specific development of the students’ attainment, personality development, progress and achievement in school.

Class I to VII

The students’ progress is measured with a variety of tools and techniques like Orals, Class assignments, Class Activities (Individual/Group), Written assignments, and Co-scholastic subjects.

The main aim at SAS is the overall evaluation of our young learners. It is formulated to do away with the exam-centric approach.

With holistic learning being seen as ‘real’ education, assessments are aimed to bring the focus on developing all aspects of an individual’s personality.The school year comprises of Periodic and Term End Assessments. Besides the marks and grades for academic performance, the report card gives a detailed assessment of the child’s progress in each subject, personality and work habits.

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