Events and Programmes

The School Calendar is replete with events and programmes planned by every subject team in school. Once a term, students will be participating in Inter-house competitions and school events. As part of a vibrant and effective curriculum, students are subject to a lot of participation and team-work events in school.

Building character is part of the Hidden Curriculum at Sharjah Ambassador School  and the Inter-house and Inter-school events support the development of the learners’ social skills while developing team spirit, loyalty to their Houses and challenging their own skills.

The students are divided into the following four Houses. The House Point system ensures the students are motivated to do their best all year-round in order for their House to excel and win the prestigious ‘House of the Year’ Award.

The Amazon House: River AMAZON known for its wisdom, and vigilance, the Amazon house with its yellow color demonstrates ambition, steadfastness and humility.

The Ganges House: Like River Ganges this house with its blue color symbolizes magnanimity, calmness, eternity, permanence and continuity of life.

The Nile House: The color green signifies ambition, joy, delight and prosperity. 

The Thames House: The house with its red color commands, depicts nobility and lordship and is characterized with bravery and courage.

Sports, performing arts, visual arts and other aspects of learning are part of the competitions and events for students in Sharjah Ambassador School.

No holistic education is complete without a vigorous and accountable Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activity programme. ECA/CCA is compulsory and each student must choose one ECA and one CCA activity per term. Change in activity is not permitted till the end of a term.

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