The Campus

The Sharjah Ambassador School is a dedicated 21st Century-ready school with the latest facilities providing an encompassing education.  All classrooms are designed as per the need of the learners’ age and requirements for exceptional education practices of international standards.

Facilities available in the campus include:

  • Attached sand and green play areas in every KG classroom
  • Learning Centres
  • Elevators for students with special needs
  • CCTV monitored campus
  • Covered play area
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Future-ready IT setup in classrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Auditorium
  • Badminton Courts
  • IT Laboratory
  • Basketball Courts
  • Mini Soccer Field
  • Cricket Nets
  • Table Tennis
  • Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Audio-Video Presentation Rooms
  • Composite Lab
  • Language, Mathematics and Science Labs
  • Music Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Yoga Studio
  • Creative Arts and Craft Workspace
  • Stage Performance Areas



The education of a child is incomplete without the inculcation of the habit of ‘self-learning’. The Library is considered as part and parcel of the academic set-up and has been created and maintained to serve and support the educational activities of the school. The students and teachers are free to recommend books to be purchased and added to the Library. The school has the full range of books on world literature, online access to e-Libraries, qualified personnel and necessary infrastructure.

The Library hosts events like ‘Meet the Author’, ‘Reader of the Month’, ‘Reader of the Year’, ‘The Book Hospital’ and other events related to reading and learning. We want our students to become avid readers and thus the Library promotes this vision through various activities and by encouraging book reviews, comparison of books and authors and so on.

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