Our unique Early Years Programme is based on the internationally acclaimed EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) programme of UK, which recognizes each child as a unique individual and helps them develop across key parameters of personal, emotional & social development; communication; problem-solving; understanding the world; physical and creative development.


Literacy Knowledge & Skills

Involves phonetics, writing practice, recognition of letters and numbers through a wide range of materials.


Mathematics Knowledge & Skills

Improves skills in counting, using numbers and basic addition & subtraction concepts.


Understanding The World

Develops knowledge about  the world, community and environment through varied initiatives.


Expressive Arts & Design

Enables self-expression through a variety of activities in art, music, dance, role-play, design and technology.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development (PSED)

Instills positivity, respect & relationships, appropriate group behaviour and self-confidence.


Communication & Language Development

Encourages children to express themselves by listening, writing and speaking.


Physical Development & Health

Promotes physical activity, co-ordination skills and healthy eating.


The Key To Development – Exploration

At Pre-primary level, children are encouraged to explore. While, children develop critical thinking and creativity through exploration, teachers are able to assess and guide them better through the same. It’s a structured process that has at its centre the child, surrounded by a nurturing environment.

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