Academic Clubs 

  • CV Raman Club - Helps students acquire basic knowledge of science and develop a scientific way of learning. It also helps children develop awareness and concerns of scientific issues in personal, social & environmental and technological contents. 
  • Aryabhatta Club - Filled with Math activities to stimulate the mathematical curiosity of children and enrich  their mathematical experiences in ways that are free from curriculum and assessment practices. Vedic math will offer easy approach to learning mathematics. 
  • Robotics - Robotics will give a chance to the students of grade 6 onwards to learn about interaction, computer programming, physics, social and ethical dimensions, engineering, chemistry and biology.
  • Astronomy - A natural science dealing with the study of celestial objects such as moon, planets, starts etc. The club aims to promote and foster the development of astronomy and related technology. It also aims to spread the message that the sky belongs to any one with eyes, a mind, imagination, a spark of curiosity and the capacity to wonder.
  • Masterminds (Quiz) - Is a quest for exploring into the known and unknown worlds. It aims at the widening the horizon of the children’s knowledge and transforms students into inquisitive and well informed individuals. 
  • Code Warriors - The club aims to increase the computer skills of the students also enables them to acquire teamwork skills along with promoting creativity among its members. To keep up with our ever changing global  community with all its complexities, the next generation will learn to work collaboratively   and to be good citizens of the community all the while facing the challenges in the modern digital world.
  • Environment Club - It aims at raining environment awareness among students by increasing the green area in school, beautifying school grounds internal and external, maintaining the cleanliness of the school and surroundings. It will instill the spirit of voluntarism among students and also establish the love and belonging to the environment.

Visual and Performing Clubs 

Perfoming clubs are innovative and vibrant which will provide children a platform to gain confidence and help in improving their leadership skills.

  • Art Club
  • Craft Club
  • English Oratary Club
  • Hindi Orataty
  • Choir
  • Drums
  • Music
  • Calligraphy

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