Co-curricular activities


Another outstanding feature of Ambassador Schools is the Expressions’ programme. The Expressions programme is a class presentation which brings out the best in each child on stage. The skills required for performing arts are honed in this programme where every child must participate in the class presentation for which the parents are invited once a year.

This programme enhances the confidence, self-esteem and oratory skills in students while building their social and presentation skills.

School will also involve children in number of interlinked curriculum activities like; Jagrati, Health and Wellness, Best out of Waste, Paper Recycling and following the UAE National Agenda to improve their social and cultural personas.



There will be two Zero Periods a week during which students will be engaged in preparation for various events, activities, exhibitions and additional planned learning experiences. Students in need of remedial or any learning support will be given additional provisions during these Zero Periods. Students are purposefully engaged and monitored during these hours.

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